Why You Need Pub Insurance

Pub Insurance

As with any business venture, there are liabilities and risks involved when operating a neighborhood bar or popular pub. The serving of alcohol comes with its own special risks to the owners of the pub or bar that you’re not likely to find in other types of business. If you’re considering opening an establishment that serves beer, wine and mixed drinks, you may be asking yourself, do pubs need insurance?

Yes, you absolutely need insurance. There are many reasons to protect you and your pub business from liabilities that occur inside and outside of your business.  Here are just a few:

  • As with any business, multiple types of accidents can happen, from dysfunctional furniture to equipment used by employees. These types of claims may end up in court, and expenses can add up fast.
  • After leaving your establishment, if your patron is involved in an accident and alcohol is detected, the blame may point to your establishment.
  • Where crowds gather, exchanges can get heated. If a fight breaks out, injuries can occur.

One of the easiest things you can do for your pub business is to purchase a policy that protects your business from these mishaps and more. The policy will more than pay for itself the first time a mishap occurs.