Why Those Living Aboard Sailboats Should Get Thorough Insurance Coverage

Do you currently live on a sailboat, or are you thinking about making the switch to living full-time on a boat? If so, you may want to start thinking about getting liveaboard sailboat insurance. Although residing on a boat has its pros, it also comes with certain risks that proper coverage can help mitigate.

Living on a Sailboat Comes With a Degree of Risk and Uncertainty

Full-time sailboat living may be an adventure, but it unfortunately also carries some amount of uncertainty. There are several common risks you might face while living on a boat, such as:

  • Weather or environment-related damages to your boat
  • Damages to your personal property aboard the boat
  • Instances where your boat damages a dock, a pier, other vessels or someone else’s property

Insurance Coverage Can Help Protect You and May Even Be Required

In some states, boat insurance may be required. Even if it’s not legally required, however, adequate coverage can help protect you in cases such as the ones listed above. Look for:

  • A boat owners policy may be appropriate for those living on a smaller vessel, usually one under 30 feet
  • A homeowners’ policy, if applicable
  • A yacht policy for larger vessels
  • Pollution liability coverage
  • Personal effects coverage

Although full-time boat residence can be exciting, it can also carry a degree of uncertainty and risk. When you get thorough liveaboard sailboat insurance, you can help mitigate many of these risks.