What’s New in the 2020 Google Update

Agency Tsunami

Google is in the habit of periodically tweaking its search algorithm. As seen on Agency Tsunami, its purpose is to encourage high-quality content by rewarding websites that exhibit expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These qualities are known acronymically as the EAT concept, and the criteria Google uses to define each one changed slightly in January 2020 with the roll-out of its new update. While not as drastic as the 2019 Google update, some significant alterations were made.

Reversals of the 2019 Google Update

Some of the new changes did little more than reverse updates made in 2019. For example, websites providing information and advice about topics like money, diet, exercise, or medical problems lost ground in 2019 when it came to the order they were listed in search results. After January 2020 their status was boosted back to their original rankings.

Changes to Featured Snippets

Since January’s update, websites can be listed in either the Featured Snippets section or in the main search results, but not both. Google’s reasoning was that listing a website only once makes the results less redundant simpler to read.

What does the future hold for Google’s algorithms? No one knows. For professionals trying to draw attention to their company’s website, all they can do is try to keep up with the changes.