What You Need To Know About Covering Biometric Data Claims Under Your Insurance Policy

Have you ever wondered whether your company can cover biometric data claims under your usual insurance policy? Because biometric data is a relatively new area, not all policies may include it in standard coverage. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your business’s biometric data.

Some Insurance Policies May Not Automatically Include Biometric Data Coverage

Today’s businesses often use biometric data for time-keeping, recording entries and exits from the office building, storing new information and more. However, your current insurance policy may only cover part of your data. Keep in mind that biometric data is varied and could include:

  • Thumbprints
  • Hair DNA scans
  • Retinal scans

Your Company’s Biometric Data Could Require Several Types of Insurance

Biometric data has only sprung up and become widely used in recent years, so you may not be able to find a single type of specialized insurance for it. However, you could still protect your company’s biometric data by getting several types of coverage in a bundle, including:

  • Privacy exposure claims
  • Data usage claims
  • Technology errors and omissions

If your company wants to protect itself against potential biometric data claims, including biometric coverage in your next insurance policy is essential. Be sure to review these fundamentals as you search for the right data protection.