What Is Website Optimization?


Optimizing your website entails much more than choosing an attractive and functional layout. It means providing quality content that makes you an expert in your chosen industry and naturally makes customers want to visit your website. However, there are different ways to accomplish this goal.

Unethical Website Optimization

Some companies direct traffic through unethical means that are sometimes called black hat search engine optimization techniques. These succeed in getting more visitors to a website, but their effects are only temporary. Examples include:

• Using a keyword an excessive number of times
• Hiding words behind a picture
• Including text with a font size of zero
• Redirecting users to a completely unrelated website

The above practices are penalized by Google and other search engines and actually result in less Internet traffic in the long-term.

Ethical Website Optimization

There are better ways to increase website traffic using techniques that follow search engine rules and that are not dishonest in nature. For example, some effective methods to help customers find insurance agency websites are mentioned at https://www.agencytsunami.com/search-strategy. These strategies can include:

• Using location data to ensure local clients can find your business
• Creating unique and informative blog posts
• Correctly indexing website information
Website optimization, done correctly, is one of the most important things you can do for your business.