The Importance of Focusing on Pollution Liability

When you think about your business’s risks and your insurance needs, how often do you think about pollution liability insurance? You may be surprised that pollution liability is comprehensive. Here is what you need to know about pollution risk and liability.

Pollution Risks

Pollution is not as simple as toxic emissions, secretions and spills. When you think of pollution, you may think of oil spills on bodies of water. However, there is a pollution risk in many industries. For example, if you work in construction and do not clean the worksite well enough and dust enters a school’s ventilation system, you could be held liable for any injuries or illnesses.

Hospitals are also at risk of polluting the environment. If you do not dispose of environmentally sensitive materials carefully or safely, then your hospital could suffer reputation damage and financial losses.

Pollution Liability Coverages

Pollution liability covers a variety of risks for different industries. Some examples of pollution liability coverages include:

  • Waste disposal liability
  • Site contamination cleanup
  • Wastewater that includes pharmaceuticals
  • Indoor air quality claims
  • Chemical storage at construction sites
  • Regulatory audits and inspections

When it comes to your business’s need for pollution liability insurance, an insurance adjuster can help guide you into selecting unique policies that suit your company.

No matter your industry, you have to consider your work’s impact on the environment. Some jobs, such as construction and the medical industry have more pollution risks than other companies.