The Boaters Guide to Finding the Right Insurance

Boaters Guide

Owning a boat can fill your life with passion and adventure. Having the right insurance gives you the ease to keep sailing even when the unexpected happens. Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not provide marine or watercraft coverage. Here are some tips from the boating insurance guide by Mariners Insurance to help you find the right policy to fit your style.

How To Find the Right Policy

Along with adventure, boats get exposed to many situations where insurance is crucial. Boat insurance can provide coverage for:

  • Environmental damage
  • Wreck removal
  • Salvage work
  • Collision damage

An “all-risk” policy is an excellent option when looking for insurance. It provides broad coverage for claims that are not explicitly omitted.

How To Find the Right Price

Prices will differ with the type of boat you have and where you plan to take it. Some of the factors that can impact your insurance quote may be:

  • Boat Safety Training
  • Driving infractions
  • Deductible
  • Liability limits

Discounts can also be applied depending on seasonal restrictions and where you choose to dock your boat. Many insurance providers will offer a discount if you keep your boat at a marina.

Having the right insurance is a vital part of owning a boat. It will take care of you and your passengers so you can keep your focus on the voyage ahead.