Reduce Auto Shop Injuries with These Safety Tips

Auto Shop Injuries

Auto shop injuries are common across the industry and nation. These injuries are often not life-threatening, but they can decrease an employee’s performance and ability to work. These safety tips can help decrease injuries in your auto shop.

Safety Goggles

The eyes are particularly vulnerable to injury. Between chemicals and sparks from grinding metal, it is crucial that employees wear safety goggles whenever working. Something can fall at any time while working under a car and goggles keep the eyes safe.

Warm-Up Exercises

Repetitive injuries are common. Have staff do warm-up exercises at the start of their shift to help limit the effects of repetitive tasks. The research found on states that common-sense measures can reduce injuries when implemented.

Proper Gear

It is important for mechanics and other staff to wear proper gear in the shop. This includes footwear with anti-skid soles and protective closed-toed enclosures.

Employee Training

There are a variety of tools around the shop that can cause employees to lose a limb or finger when improperly used. Make sure your employees are properly trained on how to use all equipment before using them.

Reduce auto shop injuries and have a healthier staff to maintain and grow your business. Should a claim arise, have the protection your business needs with the right insurance package.