Protecting Your Business Against Public Claims

Allowing public citizens onto your business premises means you accept some responsibility for their wellbeing. That’s why having a public risk insurance policy is important so you can be covered in the event that a member of the public files a complaint against you.

Reasons To Have This Insurance

Most businesses that interact with the public have PLI, or public liability insurance, as the bare minimum of protection. It protects your business from claims made by individuals outside of your business regarding personal injury, damage or loss while at your business location. This insurance is ideal for retail stores, office buildings or any other business that comes in contact with members of the public, including delivery personnel, customers or other visitors.

Coverage and Limitations

As this type of insurance is basic, it does not protect your business against all claims. While this insurance protects against public liability claims, it does not protect against claims made by employees or other individuals associated with your business. The following are three main claims against which this policy covers your from:

Personal injury

Keeping Your Company and Visitors Safe

Many people focus on the outside dangers a business faces, such as from competitors or cyber breaches. However, as seen on, it is important for any business that allows members of the public onto business grounds to have a solid public risk insurance policy on hand.