Protecting Happy Hour All Year Long

bar and tavern insurance

Owning a bar or tavern means taking responsibility for what happens on your property. Bar and tavern insurance helps protect you from losses when a festive evening goes south. Here are some of the ways insurance can protect your investment and ensure more happy hours in the future.

Liquor Liability

Serving alcohol means you need liquor liability coverage. This can protect you from lawsuits regarding the sale and consumption of liquor. This insurance is also useful if you want to brew beverages onsite as a microbrewery.

Assault and Battery Insurance

When alcohol flows freely, passions can rise and fights can happen. Someone injured on your property may be entitled to medical payments from you if you do not have this important coverage as part of your bar and tavern insurance.

Spoilage Insurance

Whether your bar or tavern serves food or not, spoilage can be an issue. This could come from improperly labeled items or spoilage due to a power outage. Whatever the case, you need to cover your food and beverages to avoid losses in these situations.

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Insurance for your bar or tavern helps prevent financial losses. The right coverage depends on the services you offer. Learn more to get coverage solutions that best protect your business and its assets.