Naturally Easing Pain


Now that the public is finally being made aware of the healing properties of cannabis, products that were once thought to be taboo are now being used as mainstream medicine. The popularity of CBD oil has increased dramatically in recent years, but what else is available to help chronic illnesses and sufferers of pain?

Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Shortened to “FECO,” this unique oil differs from CBD in the way that it is produced. CBD is typically made from the extracts of the plant after being soaked in a solvent (usually alcohol). The process is different for FECO. The entire plant is used, including stems, leaves and buds. It is heavily concentrated and has traces of THC in it. FECO works quickly and helps with seizures, migraines and other ailments. The bad news is that these same aspects also make it federally illegal; it is available for legal purchase in eight of the United States.

Salves and Ointments

Whether or not topical creams contain THC, they are still very effective on muscle pain and headaches. Legal states are allowed to sell THC-infused ointments, but the rest of the country must depend on the non-psychoactive CBD-infused varieties. Perfect for athletes, older adults and anyone who suffers from chronic pain, a little bit goes a long way. The natural chemicals in the salve or ointment work with pain receptors to ease tension and help feel better.

Living in pain is exhausting. Help make life better by using natural remedies and feeling the healing effects of marijuana personally.