Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Marketing for Insurance Agent

Insurance agents obtain the majority of their new clients through referrals; however, this doesn’t negate the need for a good marketing plan. Marketing for Insurance Agent exposure is important.

Invest in a High-Quality Website

The importance of investing in the design of a high-quality website which is informative and dynamic cannot be emphasized strongly enough. A website is often a person’s first impression of an agent. It is critical that potential clients like what they see when they visit a website, and that it is effective. An effective website is:

Easy to use and navigate
Well organized
Visually appealing

Include Positive Testimonials on Your Website

Any agent can say that they’re great, but it is much more effective to read a statement from a customer. You might even want to consider including positive client testimonials throughout the website, not just on the homepage.

Produce a Professional Company Video

A high-quality professional company video is an incredibly effective marketing tool, and they have versatile use. They can be posted on your website, posted on social media platforms, and even emailed directly to potential clients.

Utilize Social Media Advertisements

Although still relatively new in the marketing scene, the effectiveness and popularity of social media marketing is astonishing. Implementing social media Marketing for Insurance Agent exposure is highly recommended.