Insuring Past Events

prior acts insurance

Prior acts insurance can potentially help you resolve a claim that has been outstanding for an extended period. Traditionally, insurance providers have retroactive dates attached to this policy to ensure that the claim does not apply to any period. This form of prior acts insurance is much easier to acquire, but an insurance agency will want to make sure you had liability insurance at the time of the incident. If you were not covered at the time of the event, these agencies would view this new application as a ploy to use the new agency for assistance due to past negligence. If you experienced an event that is not covered in the retroactive date of a prospective policy, you might want to try purchasing full prior acts insurance.

Full Prior Acts Insurance

Full prior acts insurance helps individuals with a circumstance that occurred a long time ago. Once again, insurers will be looking to make sure that you had liability coverage at the time this happened. You do not want to be suspected of waiting to acquire a policy when the risk of claims being filed is readily apparent. In the insurance industry, these providers want to ensure that you are acting responsibly and thinking about the potential risks of your behavior in the past and the present.