Insurance for Harbor Workers

Harbor Workers

Workers compensation insurance is fairly comprehensive protection for your employees when they operate on land within the United States, but when it comes to the work they do in territorial waters belonging to the federal government but outside individual state jurisdictions, you need extra coverage. Since workers compensation packages and regulations are handled at the state level, employees that operate in territorial waters, including in wharves and docks on the waterfront, need individual coverage that provides similar protection in those locations.

Longshore Workers Insurance

US longshore and harbor workers insurance is a unique form of employer liability protection designed specifically for waterfront businesses whose employees take on work that requires them to move from the water to dry land. This is an essential form of coverage to avoid exclusions in workers compensation or jurisdictional issues around the coverage, but it is not the same as workers compensation. Like other forms of employer liability coverage, there are policy maximums in place, and you could wind up financially liable for employee medical expenses that exceed the coverage limits. Make sure you work with a professional who can give your business a thorough needs assessment to avoid underinsuring. The right policy should be useful, but not so outsized it becomes cost-inefficient. Experts in this form of coverage know how to calibrate those policies for your business, so get in touch today.