How E&O Insurance Keeps Your Business Safe

NJ errors & omissions (E&O)

How E&O Insurance Keeps Your Business Safe

As unfortunate as it is, sometimes companies make mistakes. However, these mistakes can be costly for clients and result in lawsuits. NJ errors & omissions (E&O) insurance offers businesses a way to protect themselves in when these situations happen.

Who Is It For?

Errors and omissions insurance is for any business that provides advice or services. This could be accountants, consultants, insurance agents, architects and builders. Any of these industries, and many more, provide some sort of service that can lead to expensive or otherwise damaging results for clients if a mistake is made.

What Is It For?

What does E&O insurance cover? This insurance covers the legal costs and any other fees that are the direct results of mistakes your business can make when providing your services, including the following:

Incorrect information
Inaccuracies in accounts
Failure to render services as promised

Protecting Your Business

If you operate a business that provides professional services or advice to clients, you need NJ errors & omissions (E&O) insurance. That way, you can be prepared for any lawsuits that arise because of a mistake on your company’s part that resulted in some sort of damage to a client. It may be that you never use this insurance or file a claim, but at least you can be ready.