Getting Heavy Coverage for Heavy Equipment

Commercial contractors like you rely on the availability of properly functioning equipment to get the job done right each and every time. Your clients depend on you to successfully deliver these projects. As with other businesses, you need to think about insurance products to help manage and mitigate your risks on each project. The use of heavy construction equipment presents risks that are both typical of your industry and unique to your business. Do you have heavy industrial equipment insurance to cover damaged or lost machinery and tools?

What Is Covered?

Heavy industrial equipment insurance offers various types of protections that are useful for contracting businesses. Consider these benefits for your operations:

  • Breakdown of equipment
  • Business interruption
  • Reimbursement for rentals
  • Additional coverages for sub-limits such as data recovery, water damage, hazardous materials and more

The potential for something to go wrong relating to commercial construction equipment is high, so it’s important to consider all your risks and how to manage them accordingly.

What Else To Ponder?

Finding a provider who can help you find the right products to address your heavy equipment insurance needs is key. Damages and losses arising from equipment failure can be major obstacles to your ability to complete projects and make profits. Don’t leave your business and your tools in the hand with a provider that doesn’t understand your specific operational needs.