Fast Load Times and Solid SEO Performance Help Your Bottom Line

seo performance

In this age of advanced search engine algorithms, it is not enough to simply have a well-written website. Internet-savvy consumers have expectations of today’s webpages and online merchants. To encourage visitors and keep customers coming back, you must consider load time and SEO performance.

Load Time

Load time is the amount of time, in seconds, that a web page takes to download and completely display in a viewer’s internet browser. Fast load times are a major factor in positive user engagement with your website, and they impact your sales and profits. While you cannot control some factors, such as bandwidths, you can take steps to improve your digital load time, including:

  • Compress images and files—This includes HTML codes, JavaScript, graphics, and photographs.
  • Decrease redirects—Redirects occur when web pages point browsers to different servers. Remove as many redirects as possible.
  • Take out unused codes.

Websites with low load times perform better and lead to more conversions and increased revenue.

SEO Performance

SEO trends change frequently in reaction to search engine changes. Search engine titan Google, for example, made adaptations in 2020 that favor web pages rich with valuable, well-written information and relevant keywords that fit organically into the material. Web pages should also be optimized for mobile devices and voice searches.

Websites must be thoughtfully crafted to make them convenient for users to reach, navigate, and understand. Otherwise, readers may quickly leave your website for a competitor’s. Focus on load time and SEO performance to build a quality website that will draw users in and encourage them to buy.