Exorcising the Demon

King Harvest

The popularity of CBD and THC for medicinal use is increasing yearly in the United States, and for good reason. Companies like King Harvest speak the truth about its benefits while supplying the plant to people in need.

Sad History

Though humans have known about marijuana’s healing powers for thousands of years, the truth is that racism is one of the reasons it has been made illegal. The United States, still feeling the aftershock of the Mexican-American War, was fearful of Mexicans and African Americans in the early 1900s — and thus associated the plant with these cultures. Rather than understand how it helps people, paranoia and prejudice overtook the country and marijuana was made illegal in the 1930s.


Marijuana, when used as a medicine, helps with so many maladies. Thanks to the natural chemicals in the plant working with the body to block pain receptors, the benefits outweigh any potential side effects. The list is long, but some of the most common ailments that it helps include:





Migraines and headaches

Acting as a natural remedy for ailments of all types, marijuana and its users have been unfairly discriminated against for many years. It’s time for the plant to stop being demonized and celebrated for its curative properties.