Does Your Organization Require Volunteer Accident Insurance

Volunteer Accident Insurance

If you have a business or organization that hires volunteers, you need to think about what protects your company if a volunteer has an accident. While you do not need workers’ compensation coverage for your volunteers, you do need some form of insurance and here’s why.

Liability Waivers and Accidents

Many people think that they only need to have a liability waiver. While liability waivers can help, you should not rely on them. If a volunteer files a lawsuit against you, the court could dismiss the liability waiver. Often, the court will say that the waiver favors the organization and not the volunteer.

Volunteer Insurance and Accidents

The best protection that you can afford is a volunteer accident policy. If a volunteer becomes injured on your property and you have an accident policy, then he or she most likely won’t file a lawsuit against you. Instead, the volunteer will know that your company will take care of it. The accident insurance can pay for his or her medical treatment. If a lawsuit was filed, you may not only have to pay a settlement but also legal fees.

While many organizations believe that if they have volunteers, they do not need accident insurance, this is a misconception. While workers’ compensation does not apply to volunteers, volunteer accident insurance does.