Defending Against Cyber Threats

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While many praise the benefits of computer information systems and well-designed technology, business owners are facing increased risk in the area of cyber-attacks. In addition to checking with Highland insurance agents for a strong liability policy, there are a few proactive solutions you can employ to reduce the risk of hacking and stolen data.

1. Know the type of data you are storing.

Financial data is often the first area of information hackers seek to manipulate, followed by other sensitive data. Whether banking and credit card information or more personal information like social security numbers, understand the differences in the data you are dealing with and storing.

2. Train your employees.

Make sure your staff is aware of the threats, and conduct training to ensure the right response. Avoid opening attachments from unknown senders, instruct them in encrypting personal information and establish a password changing protocol.

3. Rely on expert security measures.

Protect your websites, computers, laptops and other entry-points by hiring a company to set up security firewalls and protections. These companies also offer monitoring and adjustments for threat assessments.
In case of a data breach or cybercrime committed against your company, you may find yourself being held liable for certain transactions or errors. Contact the agents offering Highland insurance for a quote on coverage addressing cyber-attacks.