Concerned About Your Next DOT Physical?

Western Truck Insurance Services

The DOT physical for professional drivers can be a headache for a lot of people managing chronic conditions, but there are some important steps you can take to make sure you stay in range in every important health metric. The biggest thing to remember is that the requirements allow for conditions that might interfere with driving if they are left unchecked, they just require you to show that you have them under control. That’s the point behind both the requirements around blood sugar and the DOT blood pressure guidelines. If you occasionally experience high blood pressure, Western Truck Insurance Services has a great resource for lowering your blood pressure with some simple life changes. It’s important that those who have underlying conditions also stay on top of medication and exercise routines while taking this advice, for the best possible results.

More Advice About the DOT Physical

In addition to your medication management and short-term lifestyle changes designed to help ensure your blood pressure and other vital signs stay in spec for the physical, it’s also a good idea to get out in front of any potential health complications. That means scheduling your own physical and follow-up visits for any ailments you might have been procrastinating about. Doing so allows you to find out if you have any symptoms that could complicate the DOT physical, and it puts you in touch with the treatments you need to get your health in line before your assessment for driving comes back around.