Areas of Coverage For Boat Docking Facilities

Many boat owners are aware of the need for insurance when operating their watercraft, but for those properties that have a supporting role in boat or watercraft operations, protection from liability is just as important. Boat harbors and marinas face a significant level of exposure due to their contact and services for many boats beyond their own water-based property. A marina insurance policy is designed to help with protection from loss in events involving a stored boat, fire, or even theft. This coverage will be vital if boat owners are going to trust you with the storage of their prized possessions.

Areas of Exclusion

Before you assume that your insurance policy offers enough coverage for your operations, there may be a gap in coverage through areas of exclusions. Some of the following areas might require a separate policy.

Owned boats or barges used as work vessels
Docks, pilings, piers, and bulkheads
Non-owned or borrowed autos
Commercial vehicles
Borrowed, hired or non-owned vessels

Take advice from the experts at and be sure your package includes commercial property, inland marine floater, and general liability coverage. The commercial property covers loss of business income, building, and content when fire, explosions, wind, or vandalism at fault. Floater coverage is for mobile property, and general liability assists with bodily injury.