A Short Guide To Brewery Insurance

The brewery industry is growing rapidly. However, with growth comes a certain amount of risk. Breweries face a number of unique risks in addition to the usual risks faced by businesses. There is the potential for equipment breakdown, contamination issues, product recalls, and liquor liability issues. Luckily, brewery insurance can go a long way towards helping your business run more smoothly.

How Much Does Brewery Insurance Cost?

The cost of brewery insurance depends on a number of things. The biggest determining factor when it comes to the price you’ll pay is the size of your brewery. Smaller breweries won’t pay nearly as much as a larger brewery. ¬†Additional factors that can affect pricing are your location, sales, and any prior incidents.

What Types Of Brewery Insurance Do You Need?

To ensure your brewery is properly protected, you will likely need a few different types of insurance coverage. Some of the most important types of coverage are:

  • Business property coverage: If something unexpected happens to your business, this type of insurance will ensure you get up and running again as soon as possible.
  • Tank collapse coverage: Breweries use specialized tanks for brewing that are often under a lot of pressure. Tanks can easily implode and can be expensive to replace without insurance.
  • Liquor liability coverage: Any business that sells alcohol should have this coverage. It protects you in the event an over-served customer damages property or hurts someone.

Running a brewery can be very lucrative but is not always easy. Brewery insurance can make all the difference.