A Short Guide To Bar Insurance

Running a bar can be a great way to make a living. Bars usually have a fun atmosphere and can facilitate great conversations, lots of laughter, and just generally create a good time for everyone involved. However, serving drinks can also be risky. Intoxicated customers can become aggressive and unpredictable and can often make poor decisions. You could easily become liable if an intoxicated customer makes a bad choice. This is why bar liability insurance is so important.

What Is Bar Insurance?

Bar insurance is coverage that is specifically tailored for the unique needs of your business. It can protect you from being held liable for an intoxicated patron’s actions and protect the property at your bar.

What Does Bar Insurance Cover?

This type of insurance provides a broad range of different types of coverage that can adequately protect you from every possible situation you may face at your bar. Bar insurance usually comes with a good general liability policy which covers common risks such as customer injuries, customer property damage, and advertising injuries. Bar insurance also often includes property insurance which protects the premises of your bar as well as everything in it like furniture, equipment, and decor.

Liquor liability insurance is also a vital part of bar insurance. This type of coverage picks up the cost of legal fees, medical costs, and settlements if an intoxicated patron harms someone else.

Running a bar comes with a lot of risk. Make sure you have the right insurance to adequately protect yourself and your business.