4 Tips for a Safer Oil & Gas Industry Worksite

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Working in the oil and gas industry comes with a host of risks not seen in other industries. One way to protect the business and the employees is with Daniels Insurance Santa Fe. Another way is to make the worksite as safe as possible. These tips can help your workers and lower your risks.


Visual communication that is clear and direct helps avoid miscommunications. Confusing information can lead to errors, injuries, and dangerous situations. Keep signage up to date with clear messaging.


The machinery needs proper maintenance not only to function properly but also to avoid injuries. Maintained machines work better and longer whether on land or an offshore oil rig. OSHA has an Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing eTool that can help you get started.


While housekeeping may not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to oil and gas, it is a must for safety reasons. Oil is slick and can lead to slips and falls when left on the floor. Trash and other hazards can impede walkways and the work areas potentially causing an injury.
Implement a safety program to keep workers and supervisors on the same page. Increasing the focus on safety can lower business risks. Daniels Insurance Santa Fe is there for your business when things don’t go as planned.