4 Risks To Consider When Choosing a Car Insurance Policy

personalized auto insurance

Not all car insurance policies are the same. There are many risk factors providers take into consideration when finding the personalized auto insurance policy that is best for you.
1. Number and Age of Drivers Risks (and thus costs) change drastically depending on the people who are covered. If you are the only driver on your insurance, your premium can be lower than if your policy covers you, your spouse and two teenage drivers.
2. Driving Records Better drivers often get better deals. Your costs can increase with each accident or ticket. Conversely, you may be able to lower your premium by tracking good driving habits:

Limited tailgating
Lower frequency of sudden stops
Rare instances of swerving

3. Make, Model and Age of CarEach car is different. A model known for its safety features may result in lower premiums. As cars get older, they depreciate in value, so you may only need limited coverage.
4. Driving Habits and Location The risk inherent in frequency and location is also a factor. If you drive a few times a week in sparse, rural areas, you may get a better deal on insurance than someone who has a daily commute in a crowded city.
Your agent can help you find personalized auto insurance that takes your risk factors into consideration. Knowing these factors can help guide that conversation.