3 Ways To Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Season

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As spring blooms around everyone, those on the coastline start prepping for hurricane season. While the official start date is June 1st, businesses can start preparations now by using an insurance agency Orlando to protect their financial assets while they secure the important possessions.

Emergency Plan

Before the season starts, develop an emergency plan. Waiting until a storm looms off the coast doesn’t give you time to think clearly. Create checklists, back up your data and use cloud systems to stay active even if the physical building is damaged.

Assess Business

Part of creating an emergency plan is to assess the things that are most important. Have a plan to get your people out if needed. Conduct an inventory of all your assets to take with you.

Response Team

Depending on the size of your business, you may want to create a team for emergency response. This team handles the checklists, performs drills and designates responsibilities. Having a well-trained team during the time of disaster can prevent panic, get everyone safely out ahead of the storm and communicate with staff.

An insurance agency Orlando can help you protect your business for normal threats but also those revolving around disaster. Talk with an agent about the steps you can take to secure your business this hurricane season.