3 Reasons Nonprofits Need Insurance Coverage for Volunteers

Insurance Coverage

Nonprofit organizations are the backbone of charitable giving and services in the nation. Their work is unique to each organization, but so are their insurance needs. Purchasing special insurance coverages for nonprofit volunteers is necessary for these reasons.

Volunteers Get Injured

Like any worker, injury on the job is possible and can be devastating. While some states require workers’ compensation insurance for volunteers, other state laws may not be as specific. Purchasing coverage for volunteers will ensure that they are protected in the event of an injury while carrying out the mission of the nonprofit.

Volunteers Make Mistakes

Volunteers are indispensable, but because they are inexperienced helpers rather than trained professionals, mistakes can occur that open nonprofit organization to liability lawsuits. Insurance coverage for nonprofit volunteers often includes payment of legal and other fees associated with damages caused by volunteers.

Volunteers Can Be Criminals

It’s almost unimaginable to the good people of the world, but there are some bad apples even among volunteers willing to give their time to a worthy cause. For this reason, nonprofits can purchase coverage against volunteer crimes like theft, forgery, and embezzlement against the nonprofit. Since the funds are often the result of charitable giving, it is especially imperative that they be properly protected.

Nonprofits work toward a better world. That work is best protected when nonprofits and their volunteers are properly insured.