3 Abusive Acts Commonly Committed by Temporary Workers

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Protect your staffing firm from financial loss caused by a client lawsuit against a temporary employee. Abusive acts liability steps in when a temporary worker causes damage to the client’s employees or property. Here are some common acts temporary workers have been accused of in the past.

Property Damage

As referenced on World Wide Specialty Programs, the insurance steps in for damages caused when a contract employee is on an assignment with the client. Sometimes the damage happens accidentally, but other times property damage is intentional. Either way, the client may hold the firm responsible for the contractor’s actions and the cost of replacing the property.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has made headlines in recent years with the #MeToo movement. Temporary workers are not immune to taking advantage of a temporary situation to make unwanted advancements on another person.

Criminal Intent

Unfortunately, some workers may find it more lucrative to steal from the client rather than continue working for them. Many may even think they can get away with it. However, when the client discovers the theft or criminal activity, they may come after your firm for compensation even if they go after the perpetrator.

Temporary workers are a mainstay in the current economy. Continue to supply the necessary service while protecting your firm with abusive acts liability.