presumptive indemnification

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Owens Group: Tips for Navigating Corporate Indemnification

Most D&O policies include presumptive indemnification. Indemnification by a corporation is meant to protect its directors and officers from personal liability in third-party lawsuits. Ideally, the corporation retains a certain level of responsibility for its officers, and then the insurance company pays ….  Read More

commercial insurance vs personal

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Differences Between Two Types of Crucial Insurance

Insurance can be confusing even for those experienced with the process. While searching for your desired coverage, you may have figured out there are two different kinds of insurance types: commercial and personal. However, you may be surprised about the difference and ….  Read More

insurance agency website templates

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Website Templates Versus a Website from Scratch

Website Templates Versus a Website from Scratch Website templates have a lot going for them these days. While designs from scratch mean a professionally designed website, insurance agency website templates offer users a range of benefits that make the template option enticing. ….  Read More

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Getting the Right Start as an Insurance Agent

Getting the Right Start as an Insurance Agent With all the potentially costly risks in people’s personal lives and careers, it’s no wonder that selling insurance can be a profitable career to pursue. People safeguard themselves with insurance for just about anything, ….  Read More

insurance broker florida

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Providing Insurance for Florida’s Businesses and Residents

Providing Insurance for Florida’s Businesses and Residents You are exposed to risks in both your personal life and your business. An insurance broker in Florida can discuss your risk factors with you and build a policy that offers protection so you can ….  Read More